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What dress to wear to a Summer Wedding

The wedding invitations will soon be arriving and you may be wondering what to wear. Generally, warm-weather attire is inherently more casual than winter wardrobes--but it is still a wedding. Here are some ideas for outfits that are appropriate for the season and the occasion:

Afternoon Wedding

Daytime weddings call for dresses that are feminine and polished in a delicate floral print or a muted color.  If it’s not too hot, consider a light duster coat in a light fabric such as silk or lace.  If you’ll be outside for the ceremony keep accessories clean and simple. Also: AVOID white or any color close to it!  This is the Bride’s day!

Beach Wedding

Embrace dresses in airy fabrics and fun patterns that compliment skin tone for a beach wedding. To help capture the vibe look to hues like cobalt blue, yellow, coral, and pink. When choosing jewelry, turquoise accessories are the perfect finishing touch.  Also, be sure to find out if you’ll be walking on grass or sand, and if so, ditch the heels and choose embellished flat sandals or a pair of festive wedges.  To keep warm from the ocean breeze, choose a sweater or a wrap in a bright color or a neutral if your dress is on the busier side.

Evening Wedding

Yes a black dress is fine to wear but find a black dress with some detail or lace or accessorize with jewelry and or a bit of color.  A pattern is fine, but not too much floral. You can experiment with necklines and dress lengths, however, avoid dresses that are too short or necklines that are too low or anything that might draw attention away from the Bride .

Most important, be comfortable.  You want to make sure you can walk and not stumble in your heels or a dress that is so tight you can’t sit down. Also dress for the weather forecast, you don’t want long sleeves on a 100 degree day in the sun or be shivering in your seat with your thin sleeveless dress.  Have a complimentary wrap or jacket on hand and you will be ready to celebrate into the night!

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